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A bit about us

Klezinski (kla-szin-ski) is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in London and Melbourne, (re)established in 2010 by brother / sister team Tim Tropp & Willow Berzin.

Klezinski is a tribute to their great-great-grandfather, a pioneering tailor in the late 19th Century.

What we’re doing now

Currently Klezinski is busy prototyping their first products.

Klezinski doesn’t believe in mass consumerables or throwaway culture. We are choosing wherever possible to use hand-made methods and to utilise sustainable manufacturing processes and materials.

Some more History

Hyman Klezinski was a tailor from Byalistock, Poland. He moved to London in the 1870‘s to further refine his craft in Savile Row, the golden mile of tailoring. To make life easier, he made the difficult decision to change his surname to Harris.

Being both adventurous in spirit and highly ambitious, he moved to Melbourne in 1876, at the time the richest city in the world. From his shop in Collins Street he became well-known for the unsurpassed quality of his work. His client list grew to include the elite of the city, including the Governor of the Colony of Victoria.

Tropp & Berzin have founded Klezinski in honour of their pioneering great-great-grandfather. Klezinski reinstates a name that was lost to history, and continues the proud tradition of bespoke & hand-crafted apparel.

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